Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Journey to the heart of our planets marine biodiversity, a place that will astound you with its richness and beauty, full of exciting encounters with rare marine life amongst untouched reef. Be enchanted by the sheer vastness and pristine health of the coral reefs and swirling schools of fish. Marvel at the beauty of the remote topside landscape of this truly magical place... one of our last unspoiled frontiers.

Trip Details

Dates- December 25, 2023- January 5, 2024

Duration-11 nights, with 10  days of diving

Rate- $5890

Please contact me for more details, to check availability, or to book your trip.

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The Islands of Raja Ampat, West Papua

Straddling the equator, is the majestic coral kingdom of Raja Ampat. Translated to Four Kings, for the four main islands of Batanta, Salawati, Weigeo and Misool, Raja Ampat makes up the northwest part of the Birds Head Peninsula of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya). The region is comprised of 27,000 square miles of land and sea.

Raja Ampat is positioned in the heart of the Coral Triangle of the Indo-Pacific, in an area flanked by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The region is bathed in rich currents from the Banda, Halmahera, Ceram and Molucca Seas. It is this confluence of currents that brings in the rich biodiversity of this area. Marine surveys in this region reveal that Raja Ampat has the richest marine diversity recorded within the Coral Triangle, making it quite possibly the richest reef ecosystem in the world.

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Raja Ampat is a majestic and thrilling place to explore. You will often be kept in a state of awe with the sheer vast lushness of the reefs, so dense you may at times have difficulty finding a place to put a finger down. These lush reefs form the basis for a thriving fish and invertebrate population. It is not uncommon to find yourself within swirling schools of fish of all types. At times, jack’s, batfish and barracuda can be found in huge schools all on the same dive. You can also find yourself amongst graceful Pacific reef and oceanic manta’s, as well as sharks, giant trevally and other big animals.

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MV Pindito

Home base for our expedition will be aboard the MV Pindito. Pindito is one of the very first operations to pioneer diving exploration into this region and has more experience diving the reefs of Raja Ampat than any other Liveaboard currently in the area. Pindito is a 142ft traditional Indonesian Phinisi schooner. There is plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the experience. Pindito offers six double cabins and two twin cabins, providing very comfortable accommodations for up to 16 guests. The double cabins can be fitted with a bunk to accommodate single travelers sharing the cabin. All cabins feature private ensuite bathroom with hot and cold running water. The cabins also have individually controlled air conditioning and five 220v AC electrical outlets (German 2-pole plugs), available 24 hours a day.

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Meals are fantastic and prepared by Pindito's top chefs. A continental breakfast is available prior to the first dive, followed by a full hot breakfast. Lunch and dinner are with varied cuisine, often with an Asian/Indonesian flair. Coffee, juices and soft drinks are included. After your last dive of the day, alcoholic beverages (local beer and spirits) are available and included at no extra charge. Only wine needs to be ordered in advanced and paid separately.

Diving is done on one of three zodiacs with dive groups limited to 5 or 6 divers. We have the opportunity to do up to four dives, to include a dawn or night dive, on each dive day. Nitrox (32%) is included in the trip cost. For photographers, there is a spacious camera room to work on gear. The camera room has power outlets in both 110 and 220 volt AC charging stations.

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Sample itinerary, subject to change.

Sample itinerary, subject to change.

The intended itinerary includes diving in both the north and south part of the region, including the island of Batanta for macro critters, spectacular soft and hard coral gardens with abundant life on the reefs of Misool, potentially a day at the Blue Water Mangroves to photograph the shallow mangrove forests and observe archerfish, a chance to snorkel in a jellyfish lake, explore the stunning and action packed reefs around Fam and Mansuar, including world famous Cape Kri, Melissa’s Garden and Blue Magic and encounters with giant mantas at several manta cleaning stations. We can also dive other famous sites like the Arborek Jetty, The Passage, Boo Windows or Magic Mountain. The itinerary will be fine tuned when we board, based on conditions, weather and group interest. Dec/Jan is a peak season to dive Raja Ampat with typically great topside conditions, little wind and good diving conditions. Water is warm, with temps typically in the mid 80's (83-87F). We will also be able to celebrate the holidays and bring in the new year in the remote and spectacular surrounds of the limestone islands of this area.

This is a very special trip and one I hope you can accompany me on!

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• Transfers between Sorong airport and the MV Pindito

• Accommodation in a double or twin bed cabin with en-suite shower, toilet and AC

• Full board with drinks (including beer and spirits, excluding wine)

•Typically four dives per diving day, including one dawn or night-dive (no diving on departure/arrival day)

• NITROX fillings for whole cruise

• Multilingual guides on board

• All offered land excursions

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Not Included:

• National park fee for Raja Ampat (Currently $120.00USD, payable on board)

• Port fees ($80 USD)

• All flights, airport taxes for domestic flights, Excess baggage fees and departure fees, payable at the airport

• Gratuity for crew and dive guides

•Trip Insurance for trip interruption/cancellation (recommended)

• Dive insurance (mandatory for all cruises)

• Souvenirs onboard

Please contact me for more details, to check availability, or to book your trip.

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